05 March 2012

Up To Speed

Rewind back to last year... Confusion, a tad bit of chaos, negativity, and minuscule issues, flooded the early part of the year... But things def changed for the better...

Fast Forward to today... The love of my life and myself are expecting our first child. A baby girl. We had a scare back in January. My love was in a horrible car accident. One that he was lucky to survive. I thank God everyday for his mercy and blessings and for allowing him another chance at life. Allowing him to be here to see the birth of our daughter and God willing, seeing her grow through life. We have a lot to look forward to in our future. I'm very excited and very enthusiastic about the great things to come.

I've been interning with WETA TV Network. Great experience to add to the resume.  I'm in the process of launching the first of my many business ventures this upcoming Spring. I'm super stoked about that! I have a lot of things in the works so I'm just trying my best to get them all started.. Still working on my screenplays and making strides towards signing with an agent... Would be great to see one of my films on the silver screen in the next 1-2 years. Quite ambitious but it can certainly be done.

Everything is looking up. Staying positive and progressing.  Of course there will always be those few little incidents where something or someone negative tries to rise up, but ignoring them is so much easier than paying them any mind... So that's what we do...

Anywho, I'm starting back to blogging again as often as I can remember to log in and write something of interest. I'm probably going to create a whole new blog page in itself that is a little more directly associated with the topics of life. Being a mom, an upcoming entrepreneur, finishing up my last year of school, friends, life, etc... Basically about juggling life and all that it throws at you. So stay tuned... If I create a whole new blog I'll post a link of course...

10 May 2011


I've been a fan of Adele since she first hit the music scene... Her songs, all of them, spoke to me... Back in 2008 I would have Melt My Heart To Stone on REPEAT!!! Lordy!!! Just the words:

"I hear your words, you made up.... You say name like there should be an us.. I best tidy up my head, I'm the only one... In love..." 

Back in that time, I could so relate to every note, every cry, every line, everything.... I still love that song to this day... Adele sings to my heart, brings chills...I promise, I probably cry to a lot of her songs... Even the song Make You Feel My Love.. That song reminds me of my love... I cry every time I hear it.. Her voice is just so beautiful...

From her latest album 21, the song Don't You Remember hits close to home. It def makes me think of a time before.. I cry just as if I was going thru it today.. I also like the song Love Song.. I envision being in Italy with the one I love, engaging in a romantic dance on a Terrace that has a beautiful view of Rome..
The song Someone Like You is such a wonderful ballad as well...

Adeles voice just takes you there. Here are some of her songs, performance, and videos that I like..

01 May 2011



Well, I know I have!!! Ever since the 30 second trailer released during this years Super Bowl, I've been anticipating the full length Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon trailer... Giving us a complete 2:30 seconds, we get to see a little more of what can expect in this third installment... I will be honest though, the 30 second trailer had me more hype than this one.... Maybe its the choice of music that is being played... It doesn't give me that powerful feeling I get when the right song is matched with the right scenes in a movie trailer... In addition, I'm thinking this Megan Fox replacement might not hack it... From the few times I saw her in the trailer, she looked a bit stale to me... The three times you see her in the trailer, she has the exact same facial expression...She's a gorgeous model but I think they just threw her in here for sex appeal... I need to know what will the story be behind the reason why Sam and Michaela are no longer together.. This should be interesting... In the trailer we see Sam with a gun screamin "Where is she?!".... Ehhhhhh... I really hope this isn't going to have a sub story of rescuing his love and what not..

Another thing I noticed is the massive amount of flying Transformers who more so resemble the aliens from movies like Battle: Los Angeles and Skyline... I guess we'll just have to see where Michael Bay is taking us this time around.. As long as this can live up to the previous two or top them, I'll be fine.. Lol...  Oh, and, it sounds like they got a new person to do the voice of Optimus Prime.. The voice isn't as deep. I can tell the distinction... Anywho, here it is!!! In theaters JULY 1ST 2011!!!!

Here's the 30 second trailer that I think has this one beat... Maybe its the music.. Lol

25 April 2011


What is a friend? The definition of “friend” is a person who one knows, likes, and trusts. If we use this definition to really define our friendships, how many of us really have REAL FRIENDS??? You may know and like a certain person that you consider a “friend” but do you trust them? If you do not trust them, does that make them a friend? My personal definition of a friend is someone who I can depend on, trust, who is always there when I need them, who will have my back in any situation, someone who I ultimately consider family. You can get into a physical fight or a heated argument with a real friend, and still remain friends afterwards.

The word “friend” is used loosely nowadays. Some of us just say “Oh, that’s my friend” because it is better than saying associate all the time.  Some of us actually put our trust into every one we meet and consider everyone to be our “friend”.  Others are desperately seeking a friendship with another person or group of people in order to have that bond. When it comes down to it, a majority of us have a crap load of associates and maybe 1-3 real friends.


Associates can very often be confused for friends. Let me breakdown the different levels of associates as they climb the ladder to friendship.

ASSOCIATE-  the very bottom of the ladder. You are probably cordial with this person. A simple hi and bye, and maybe a small conversation when face to face.

SOMETHING TO DO ASSOCIATE- you only call this friend when you want to go out, party, or need a ride somewhere.

SOCIAL NETWORK ASSOCIATE- clearly, this associate was met via Twitter or Facebook. Most of the conversations are held through these networks, and maybe you have set up times to hang out. There is even a possibility that a small relationship has been developed.

ADVICE ASSOCIATE- this is a person you only call when you are going through something and need advice because you know they will listen. 9 times out of 10, this person will also tell you what you want to hear which is exactly why you called them.

CLOSE ASSOCIATE- almost like a friend except you probably don’t really depend on them for anything. You guys might hang out, talk a lot, relate to each other, and do a lot of things friends do, but still, not a friend.

I think it is safe to say that many of us have CLOSE ASSOCIATES. Many times we confuse these people with being our TRUE friends. I’m not saying that they are horrible people or are backstabbing us constantly; they just don’t fit the complete criteria of a friend. If you tell a person all your weaknesses and all your struggles, etcetera, and they use these things and throw them in your face when they get mad at you, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. If you go out to the club and have endless drinks and your friends leave you drunk, or possibly drugged, out in front of the club, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. If you get into a confrontation with another person that could possibly escalate into a physical altercation and your “friend” goes to the other person and even halfway tells them that you are in the wrong, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. If you only call a person when you need a ride somewhere, or need something in general, YOU ARE NOT A FRIEND. If you talk about one of your “friends, behind their back, to other people, then of course as we all know, YOU ARE NOT A FRIEND.

Personally, I don’t really have too many friends. I have people who I consider to be family, which is a higher level than friendship. I admit I do have a lot of close associates. The few females that I consider to be friends are actually older than me (27+). Like me, they don’t deal with the drama, and the unnecessary bullshit. They’ve been there done that, and me, I just like to avoid it altogether which is why we have such a great bond.  

I think friendship is a bit harder when it comes to females. A female can have a great personality and be the sweetest person, but if she’s all natural, natural long hair, no makeup, no fake anything, and all her “friends” are the complete opposite, there will always be a certain level of envy and jealousy. Maybe not in all cases, but in a good amount. Males on the other hand, in my opinion, have it down packed. They base friendship off of loyalty, honesty, and integrity. Females will be friends with another female solely because she is pretty. I see it all the time, “I only hang with pretty girls”. Yeah, pretty girls with fucked up personalities who probably talk about you behind your back…

I always take time out to evaluate who should be sitting at my round table and who shouldn’t.  Either you’re taking from my life or adding to it. That can be applied to many friendships and relationships in general.

19 April 2011


Over the last few years, women have been gunning for PLUMP DERRIERES… The hype for a bigger butt has most definitely increased since women like Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian hit the scene.  All females want them! No matter what race. White women, who at one point thought big butts were unusual and maybe even disgusting, have engaged in the Big Butt Phenomenon. The size of an ass has become something that is focused on a lot, not only in Hollywood, but in society.

Let’s take a second to really think about this... How many of us women were really worried about the size of our butts in high school? I know I wasn’t. Yeah, I’m sure we all looked in the mirror to see if it looked nice but not too many of us were obsessed with hitting the gym hard or doing all these workouts in the comforts of our home just to make our asses bigger. In such short time, things have changed.
Through these social networks we see a majority of females always talking about working out, or how they wish their booty was bigger…. How they wish they had “clappas” or “bigger clappas”... Yeah, you’ve seen it! The question is,


I’ll start with men. As much as men may say “Oh your size doesn’t matter. It’s okay if your butt isn’t big”, we all know that is only half true, maybe even less. Men like phat asses. There is nothing wrong with that. There are even females who will not let a phat butt pass without looking at it. Women in relationships, looking for relationships, happily single, doesn’t matter, want this asset so that during intercourse their male companion can have something to squeeze, and smack, and gaze upon. In addition, they want to have that curvature that can clearly be seen when wearing clothes. I’m 90% sure that every woman thinks about her butt, how it looks in her jeans, dress, etc, and who’s looking when she walks by.

Another reason; some women are insecure when it comes to their body, or booty. They feel that if they don’t have this rump, then it will decrease their physical attributes. Some may even think if they don’t have a nice ass then they will be overlooked, or cheated on with someone who does. I’m not saying all women feel this way, but there are some who do. I’m positive that we have all encountered someone who gave us an explanation, relative to these, as to why they want a bigger butt.

On a more positive level, some of us just want it for ourselves. We like how it looks, and we’re getting it right and tight! Personally, I like working out and seeing results. Yes, I focus on my lower body. My reasons; I love having a nice fit, toned thighs, and a little lift with some jiggle in the rear. Also, I do it for my man. There is a part in every woman that does. We love for it to be admired. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting a bigger butt, as long as it for the right reasons and as long as you're obtaining it in a healthy way. Not injections! Those can be fatal! Oh, and potentially sag like the way a horses ass looks right before he sit down.

26 March 2011


Taking a few days to myself to get things together... Find me... Eliminate the negativity.... I'll return to posting after my birthday this coming Wednesday....

Catch Ya Later!